When and where did we discover Staffies? About 25 years ago in Brits where we bought our first two registered Staffordshire Bull terrier puppies. They were named Bruno and Knersus.

Bruno and Knersus – two brothers who lived together and fight together.

Knersus was a character, always up to some mischief and on his own mission – he died after he went on a journey and was bitten by a snake.

Bruno, a great dog, loyal and a real gentle dog – he accepted anyone who was part of the family and would defend them with his live – Bruno had cancer and we had to put him down.

Then the journey to a Kennel started with Rimpels(Riefra Extra Sparkle of Raminartus passed away August 2014) and CH Berinacios Tiger of Raminartus(Deceased), a dog who was loved, respected, admired and our first champion.

Tiger drowned at age 3 in the swimming pool at Joke Vermeulen’s house, whilst in their care for a mating to be done. Two of his sons became SA champions.

We’ve registered our Kennel – Raminartus, a combination of all the names of the Van Niekerk grand children during 2005. The puppies born from Rimpels and Knersus(2) were the first Raminartus registered litter. Two of these puppies became champions, namely CH Raminartus Lady Nushka of Eukleua and CH Raminartus Lady Unique of Riefra. Thanks to Eurika and Riette for making Nushka and Cloe champions.

Tiger’s half-brother, CH Berinacios Knersus of Raminartus (Campaigned by Leonora and Sybrand van Niekerk; Owned by Raminartus) can claim the following achievements:
- Animal Talk top 100 in 2008 – He was in the 73 rd place.
- 2008 and 2009 Pretoria Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club – Top Stud Dog.
- To date(2011), 6 of his children, one grant son and one grant daughter became champions.

CH Raminartus Athos, (Son of Knersus(2) and Lulu) achieved the following:
- 13 Best Puppy certificates
- 7 Best Puppy group certificates

Eurika, Thank you for campaigning Tossa for us!

We’ve bred the following champions namely:
- CH Raminartus Lady Nushka of Eukleua
- CH Raminartus Lady Cloe of Riefra
- CH Raminartus Gratia
- Int Ch Raminartus Nina
- CH Raminartus Athos
- Ch Raminartus Rolf Adolf
- Ch Raminartus Lyka Simeis
- Ch Raminartus Ganador
- Ch Raminartus Genesis Promise - Adam

Our other champion is:
- CH Sylon Pebbles of Raminartus

Our other dogs are:
- Riefra Ebony Star of Raminartus (Lady)
- Raminartus Peter Yoti (Peter)
- Sylon Lady Arnen Even (Heidi) - Rules at Cassie and Adri!
- Euklea Bushka Zenna of Raminartus (Zenna) - In love of Mari and the Alberts family!
- Raminartus Karibu Sana (Karibu)
- Raminartus Esto Es Africa (Waka Waka) - Living with Roger Humphrey!
- Raminartus Heidi-Lee (Mango) - Ruling the Morton's house!
- Raminartus LA Walk of Fame - Tala
- Our “travellers” and pets Buddy and Lulu who stays in Ruimsig.
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